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Veterinary Services

Pet Surgery in Forest Hills, NY

There is no “small” or “simple” surgery, we take every surgical procedure seriously. We appreciate the stress and anxiety associated with your pet’s surgical procedures. Our expertise, advanced training, and state-of-the-art surgical room ensure your pet is receiving the highest quality veterinary care.

Our veterinarians have many years of hands-on experience in performing veterinary surgeries(soft tissue and orthopedic). Some of our routinely performed procedures include spays/neuters, tumor removals, ingested foreign body removals, bladder stone removals, dental extractions, etc. We are also prepared to handle emergency surgeries, such as C-sections, fracture repairs, wound repairs or amputations, etc. During the procedure, we use human-grade anesthesia and monitor your pet’s vital signs to ensure safety. We also utilize optimal pain management and are equipt with a heated surgical table to ensure your pet’s comfort to a speedy recovery.

Pet Surgery